Cat Pop-up Ball Toy


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Outside of his outings, your cat needs to be able to exert himself physically and mentally as soon as he needs it.

Thus, it is strongly recommended to provide toys adapted to the specific requirements of your animal.

The activity toy is specially designed to avoid boredom and frustration and thus protect your cat from the appearance of behavioral problems such as depression or destruction.

Made by the German brand , the Cat Pop-up Ball Toy reproduces the flight of prey to stimulate your little companion’s hunting instinct.
Cat Pop-up Ball Toy
Made of quality plastic with polyester fringes
Features swirling bangs that spin the ball out of control
Ball stops when no contact after 30 seconds, fringes spin again after last contact
Battery operated (2 micro AAA batteries not included)
Effectively stimulates hunting instinct through mechanism and feathers
Excellent physical and mental entertainment
Avoid boredom and frustration
Help with daily well-being
Color (depending on availability): BLUE


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