Bird Cage


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Painted metal bird cage, PP, wood, non-toxic, black
Cage includes 4 plastic cups, 3 wooden poles, 2 toys, 1 ladder, 1 swing
Grate and removable slide-out tray for convenient cleaning
Total dimension: 46 x 35.5 x 99 cm (L x W x H) Bar spacing: 1 cm
Ideal for finches, canaries, parakeets and other small to medium birds
Many toys for your birds: 3 wooden bars, 4 plastic collars, 2 toys, 1 swing, 1 staircase
1cm bar spacing keeps your birds secure in the cage (make sure your bird fits before you buy)
Ideal for parrot, parakeet, canary, mandarin, cockatiel, lovebird, etc.
Suitable for home and outdoors
2 large doors and each have another 3 small doors, 4 side doors with white plastic feeders for changing food and water
Unique design is a nice decoration for your home


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