Automatic Wilson Toy


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The Wilson toy is an automatic dog ball and treat game. It is clever, stimulating and entertaining. No more boredom for your dog!

This toy dispenses a ball for play and treats or kibble for your dog.

Wilson Automatic Ball and Treat Dog Game
To stimulate your dog’s instinct for recovery
He is immediately rewarded when he places the ball in the dispenser which releases some treats
This toy does not require a battery
Tennis ball included in the toy
Sold with its small shovel to fill the candy dispenser
Instructions :

Place the toy on a flat surface with enough space for your dog
Fill the toy with kibble or dry treats (maximum size 12.5m)
Before starting to play, show your dog how to place the ball inside the dispenser and this will result in the ball being thrown and treats being dispensed
Attention :

This toy is strong but not indestructible


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